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Soulaima Gourani can broadcast her keynotes and presentations to a remote audience anywhere in the world. As you know Soulaima Gourani she is full of energy and she is as powerful online as in real life.

According to Soulaima Gourani online keynotes are the future of speaking. After teaching online her assessment has become very positive. She loves her online presentations.

To speak in ex Copenhagen or Berlin she would need to travel 15 hours from Austin, and you will need to pay her a (very) good hotel and fly her back to USA. It’s a lot of traveling, CO2 and expenses.

Her experience is that people love online keynotes as well. The fact is the screen is quickly overcoming the “live” room as the preferred model for innovative busy companies that wants inspiration (but no hassle).

Five Reasons Companies Prefer Online Keynotes
  1. It revolves around a screen. People love screens. Interfacing with a screen is often more normal than interacting with someone face-to-face.
  1. It empowers interaction, even for the shy people. Introverted people are more apt to weigh in on a discussion when it’s a digital dialogue since they can write questions along the presentation.
  1. It allows a virtually unlimited amount of people to enroll.
  1. It’s less expensive than normal keynotes. No costs for flight, hotel, dinner etc.
  1. You can record it and share with others after the presentation.

“Soulaima, you nailed it! Feedback from the team was outstanding, and their engagement throughout the talk made it very clear that they were enjoying and learning so much. They reached our and already want the next Jolt talk :)”
Nitzan Cohan Arazi, Co Founder, JOLT

“Soulaima was really great and the team was inspired!
The sound and video quality were very high! I don’t have any suggestions for improvements.”
Alon Alroy, Co Founder of Bizzabo

“Inspirerende, giver stof til eftertanke, seriøst – krydret med en god gang humor. Har fået mange positive tilbagemeldinger fra publikum efterfølgende.”
Bestyrelsesmedlem, Lederne Storstrømmen


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